Wednesday, July 29, 2009


GFE came up after Fist Fam. The place was
hectic by this point. People and their level
of buzz was on the rise. So was the smell of
sweat and booze. I hear it always smells like dirty hippies...
So I went for some air. One of the cool things
about Emerald Lounge is you can hear the music 
from outside too. So all the poor folk can listen too.

Or you could promote your art. Graff writer YEAH.
I have no idea what this guys shirt refers to 
but it makes me laugh and a little uncomfortable. 

King of Hippies
Football sidewalk pimpin... 
Get ladies like Football here
ASHEVILLE, NC... Assets 
And this concludes my coverage 
of a weekend in Asheville. I did
film video. CRAZY MOB ft. Al Lover, 
so be on the lookout for it.... I am writing 
this blog from the truck
cruising through VA on the way
to New Jersey.... "BOOM"


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