Sunday, July 12, 2009


One sided collar pop, upside down
1987 shades.... style...BOOM!!
11 or 12 years old, Isaac Schulz.
When I was around this age my Grandma's
house was just a quick run down the hill. My
uncle Billy's trailer was in between the two
homes. My Grandma is Dr. Jane B. Schulz author of the 
new book "Grown Man Now." I have mentioned 
the book before but the site is growing and more
and more people are becoming aware of and reading
the book.  I find this book very interesting and relevant. 
To do my part to help spread the awareness of this life story, 
today I thought I would quote the book:
"Growing up with Billy in their lives left its mark on
Isaac and Carrie, too. In the neighborhood where we lived, close
to Tom and his family, there was a young man who had been
left with brain damage from an accident. His behavior was
rather strang and his speech difficult to understand. He told me
one day, "Tom's children are the only ones in the neighborhood
who don't make fun of me."

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  1. The photo of Isaac as a youth was taken on the same day as the photo of Billy pushing his father in the wheelchair, now on the cover of the book and audio book. The background shows Thom's Rehabilitation Hospital grounds in Asheville, NC -- for many weeks, the location of family visits after "The Stroke." When Isaac's photo is enlarged, you can see more of the family in the reflection, and the glasses, upside down and held together with a safety pin, are a good metaphor for that time in the family.

  2. Isaac, thank you so much for featuring Grown Man Now on your website. It means a lot to me, not only for the good of the book, but for your happy memories near us on Locust Creek Road. I have been so fortunate to live close to my grandchildren at different times in my life. You have contributed so much to my happiness, then and now. Thank you! Grandma