Saturday, July 18, 2009

Invisible Soldier~~ God City

I went to a release party for some independent 
brands last night. You may remember Marcus Kiser
from the show at the BLACK SHEEP.
He was releasing his new shirts from Invisible Soldier.
wOlly with Rebel Stars Studios also was releasing
his new designs. First time I had met him. Super cool guy.
Check out his work here.
I have mentioned it before but the Artist of God City 
put in work. I am a big fan of Artist who put in work.
Check them here.
The space the event was in was super cool too.
Decked out with paintings and a good vibe.
This is one of wOlly 's designs. The bodies
are collaboration. Based on a anime theme.

Taking photos of all the models 
mduanepyant. Check him here.

The back location of the space.

wOlly original. 
Jacques Cartier.
Live performances. It was a really 
cool event. I felt lucky to witness it.
Support independent artist...

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  1. I enjoyed photographing with you last night. We should do it again.