Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is Mack. He is one cool dog.

The Foul Mouth Jerk...


Why eat a watermelon when you could try and 
blow it up?
More than one way to blow up a melon.
Fireworks started going off all around... "Hey,
the fireworks are shooting right at my car..!!"
is what I heard as four more shot off in that
same direction... 
It is the contemporary man who can talk
on the cell phone while shooting off bottle
rockets out of an empty beer bottle...
Skateboarding talk...
We made it downtown just in time to see the
fireworks show next to the moon and behind
Vance monument. 
After the show... from Vance...
Jason finished his performance and met up
for a few drinks... A long and fun filled day in
celebration of the independence of America.

all images brilliant world ©2009

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