Friday, July 17, 2009


Today is FREE SHIRT DAY @ BW. WTF???
There is only one Men`s L and one Ladies M.
You order it first and it is yours. Go get it here.
Ladies free shirt got got in less than an hour 
from post... BOOM...!! And has already been shipped out
to Arizona. Mens FREE size L is now ordered and shipped
to Sunny California.... this concludes FREE SHIRT DAY...
Thanks for Playing... Play again... 
You pay for the shipping plus $0.20 
(closest number to free "they" allow)
I pay for the shirt and ship it off to you.
Be sure to take a picture of you wearing it
so you can be featured right here.

Detail... Isaac Schulz, Tokyo
Original Shirt inspired by a Japanese Poem.

all images brilliant world ©2009

I am giving away an original drawing coming soon...
Keep an eye out.... BRILLIANT WORLD

Also, thank you for another 4,ooo views.

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