Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why do I not have an iphone...

After last nights beer drinking contest I was
not really sure how to answer this question
or even what it was really asking me...
Was in Harajuku so I had to stop by Bamboo
to eat my favorite Thai salad.
Right around the corner is the Burton store.
Went in to say hey to store manager and great
friend Keigo. He showed me this picture. The
Beastie Boys were in town and came to the store
yesterday... So what'cha want
On my way to Shinjuku
To go eat curry with my friend Yukari.  I have
really been wanting an IPHONE recently. Like
if I had a choice between world peace and an
IPHONE... well.  

Tattoo of the original drawing of Peter Pan.
all images brilliant world ©2009
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