Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WHAT is funny....

copyright...? Stealing is best... in the way Picasso stated... it is all about info and sharing... (i thought that drummer from matallika... cant even spell the band name... proved this 2 be a moot point a long time ago with...) steal anything of mine you want (direct quote if you add the following) ..... IF ..!!! you remix it and put it to good use.. only saying because someone sent me an email saying they wanted to use a video of mine but the sound was takin away from Utube (as if a sample is not good promotion of some band I (thought) was cool) and my HD crashed so the video sound is lost .... BAM...!! (angry rant here)
(PS I love software....) the point is 2 share... money hungry peeps.... somebody make a new system.. 
(please) PS.... this rant has nothing 2 do with the brilliant people on this post or any of my friends.... just get pissed when the "power" at B try 2 edit.... creative  voices!! especially if i loose the original.... silly me i guess...
ok ok i get it..... send me more original music friends (please).... PS... I love you

all images have sound removed....
online shop coming soon.....

and yes i understand and have read the following.... 

Invalid reasons to dispute a claim

  • I own the CD / DVD or bought the song online.

    Buying a song, CD, DVD, or other piece of media doesn't give you authorization to post that content on YouTube. The content owner still has the right to choose where it is distributed.

  • The content was only a part of my video.

    In almost all cases, you need written permission from the content owner to use even part of their work in your video. Learn more about Copyright.

  • There are other videos on YouTube with the same content. Why can't I use it too?

    Copyright is all about the owner's right to decide who can use their content. Someone else's use doesn't give you permission.

  • I gave credit in the description. Isn't that enough?

    No. Giving credit does not give you authorization to upload the content.

  • I'm not selling my video or trying to make money.

    Whether or not you benefit financially from using the content doesn't matter. Unless you have permission from the owner, it's not yours to use.

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