Monday, June 22, 2009


There are a lot of original make bikes to be
seen on  the streets of Tokyo. The paint on this
one was glitter..... like the yellow and ghosts...
Rainy season here. So humid. Hot. But, still
early on enough in the summer to still have 
a nice breeze. 風あるといいね。
She changed out of here heels and 
put on her skate shoes shortly after.
The Thai restaurant in Harajuku really is 
yummy. The chicken egg rice.... darn tasty. 
Received back the series of stripes I did for
Epic records awhile back.  Would have never
had that wonderful experience if it was not 
for Ako. So I thanked her by giving her her
favorite one out of the bunch. 
I want my profile pic to be this good.
Fresh. DJ NASA.

I want one of these........

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