Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TOKYO HOOP LOVE/ Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day in Tokyo. So while waiting
for my next meeting I thought I would chill on a 
bench in front of my station and enjoy some sun.
While sitting there I bumped into TOKYOMADE's 
Deanne(TWITTER).  She is the "de" in made.  She is also an
international Super Hoop Lover.  And was on her
way to teach a hoop class.  Check out her really cool 
hoop lover website here.

Also, I have mentioned it before but they are always
updating their site with interesting and fresh designs
over at their online store TOKYOMADE so check it here.
The only thing better than a beautiful day is running
into beautiful people... Great to see you Deanne..!!!!
Off to my next meeting...

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