Monday, June 22, 2009


Well it is time to thank you again 4000
+ 4000~~ 8000 thank yous to infinity...
I have been without my MD connector for a 
few days but we have reunited.  Took a stroll
to see a friends restaurant after hours.

The place was really cool.  Looked really expensive.
It helped that he kept popping bottles of Champagne.
The ham legs where out. The place was filled
with trees. I really want to go back and check
out the food and atmosphere when it is open.
champagne wishes and caviar dreams

This fine malt beverage was the drink 
of choice back in the days when we
would beg college kids to buy us
beer while waiting in front of the 
gas station or supermarket. It was 
cheap, real cold and got you really
faded.  I saw this little one in a bar in
Tokyo...... price $10.00  (¥900)

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