Thursday, May 7, 2009

Work hard and paint big

I have been to design festa a few times and stop
by the gallery in Harajuku sometimes while I
am skateboarding around visiting friends at 
their shops. Last time I was there we discussed
me doing live painting at this years August festa.
It would be my biggest live painting ever....!!
Also, in preparation for that we are working hard
on  Original works will 
be selected from a number of series by Isaac Schulz.
As well as select T-Shirts from the Brilliant World
SUPER ME TEE, Tokyo Collection.  There is discussion
of a collaboration.... where a limited edition HERO figure
would be available.  A number of works are being pondered
and created.  Like below, "Who saves the hero?"  a hardback
book of Isaac Schulz paintings.  

All coming in the months ahead.  Everything should 
be up an running by the time I paint the largest
live painting in my life in August.
all images brilliant world ©2009

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