Wednesday, May 6, 2009


きれいだね。。。だって、it is a 
brilliant world...............

Today we started moving pieces into the chapel
space.  I have never been considered staff at a 
hospital.  Interesting. Many people seemed to be 
pushing things.  I was pushing a bench.
Pushing a bench to a space in Hospice.
It was really kind of neat.  I thought about life. I
 thought about death. I thought about now and then.
I thought about being quiet. I did not think
about leaving anything in the hallway  because
a sign told me not to.  I was paying attention.
And the bench made it safe into it's new home.
Here is one of the benches with a fabric color
sample and a flooring sample.
Also, while sipping a yummy coffee drink,
with rain pounding the roof of the truck
word came from NYC... good news from Carrie!!
I am super impressed.  Looking forward to being
in NYC soon.

                                                                                   all images brilliant world ©2009

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