Thursday, August 13, 2009


From JFK to SFO. Night shot from
hotel room one block from China town gate.
Went up to see Joya.
It was HUF Lurk or Die night.
Which is Skate night at MINX 
right across the street from HUF.
Big screen playing skate videos and beer specials.

Check Danny (right) @ TRUE EAST SKATESHOP here.
MARTIN ROSS... Yogi, creative writer... Lurkin

Joshua Clements, Illustrator here. I like the drawing
of the HUF hats and skate shoes.
HUF @ Night. They have two projectors playing
skate videos on the windows playing all night.
After this I met up with M AZA and cruised
to ALEXANDER SPIT'S video shoot. Upload those next.
But it is a beautiful day in the city so I'm out.

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