Saturday, August 8, 2009

All in the chase... NYC

Had to cruise into NYC to pick something up 
I have been working real hard to get for a long time.
Shot of the city coming in on NJ Transit.
I love listening to music while cruising on the 
train and looking at the writing on the walls.
While I was taking this photo a guy in a Superman
shirt came up to me and said " what's up with that
shirt (referring to my BW rise-up shirt) I have seen it
five times today... considering I am the only one who
has the shirt..... then I figured out he was on heroin...
Because I got to pick up the thing I really wanted
I used being stoked to sketch, listen to music and 
have a beer... came up with an awesome new character 
But why sketch and drink by yourself.... 
So I met up with Chandra from
Here she is with Thunder and rocking the "BOOM"
Find her on Twitter here.
View her BLOG here.
Then my sister Carrie came to 
hang too... August also rolled up
Then I lost what I had come for. danger..
That was not good... Oh wandering mind
I was lucky enough to find it again... Thank
you hot dog man... 
NYC you are alright...

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