Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Jeans

"I think it is true in artist's families. That no matter what the kid's proclivities or talents, there is access to art making that may not exist in other environments. My father was concerned that I would starve, so he was glad when I learned to build. Little did he know that I would slyly envelop those skills into my process.
Isaac says that he knows of no other path than being an artist. We made things since he could make things. Now, it is not just what he does, it is who he is. In our home, being an artist is about paying attention, collecting information, and then actualizing. It is about making. It is about stuff. But it (seems to me) is mostly about choosing how to live life. In that regard, life itself becomes the art." - Artist Tom Schulz on raising a son who is an artist (Isaac Schulz)


  1. This is just a good looking page.

  2. I think this is a well written and poignant article. One time Mom said, "you don't teach a child to fly and then clip his wings."