Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I just peeked, wanted to see if there was a theme for these last weeks or

What I saw was really simple: your brain is getting an overhaul.

Thinking Communication styles are being deeply transformed. Especially in
intimate relationships. Even the themes of intensity and talking nonstop are
written right up there in the heavens. Transforming the way you think about
relationship, deepening, cleansing---and drudging up junk you may not have
known was there.

Thought you'd like to know that you are right on track.

Period lasts approximately from Feb '08 to this October '09. Split into 3
phases, that's something like 7 months of being incredibly annoyed but not
knowing how to deal with it, 7 months of surfacing, going from seeing the
problem "out there" to finding where it lives in you, and then the last 7
months of owning the power transforming it into gold.

The above transit in question: Pluto (transforming) hitting Mercury (mind).

Other themes include Jupiter (growth, fortune) in 10th house, signifying a
period of acceleration of career growth and advancement of public image,
mid-Feb '08 to mid-March '09. Expansion, not necessarily permanent stuff.
Lots of opportunities, but like you said to me, not all of them will bear
long-term fruit. Dangers include getting too big a head, overconfidence or
arrogance, having too much on your plate. Otherwise, this is a great time to
advance your career. The more methodical you can be, the more you can take
advantage of this time.

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