Saturday, November 29, 2008

(アイザックシュルツ Isaac Schulz) BW interview with the Anti-Hero

BW:  How long have you been making ART?
Anti-Hero:  First, Let me tell...  I just would like to say it is good to see you, and say, thank you to all my fans and a special thanks to the number one hero... the universe...  Its good to be here.  And second, how can you even have an interview about anti-art? 

BW:  So...OK, I see.. well,  We have heard you are the anti-artist?
Anti-Hero:  Are you a rabbit?  It is free.  What would be the point of spending time creating around and in an anti-art movement?  I am more like a futuristic space  caveman or a sponge connected to all information and emotion dripping the color black and red.  And, I do not even see any legit "art" movements, so I really see nothing to be "anti" towards, so I suppose that just the act of making a "true" expression could be considered anti-art.
BW:  Well, that is all the time we have today folks, we wish you luck in your upcoming show and as always it is good to talk with you. Any last words to the fans?

Anti-Hero: As always, I love all the animals... even the ones I eat... believe me when I beg you.... when you told me you did done not be need me need me anymore, I do not bend down to die... you come see me live paint Dec. 20th  and come to my show and finally to answer your question your momma is the best art even if that means my grandma!

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